Top 5 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2021-   Build Website Page Like A Pro

Top 5 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2021- Build Website Page Like A Pro

Top 5 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2021

The wordpress page builders make wordpress accessible. It is impossible to make wordpress pages without the presence of page builders. 

The people who have coding knowledge do not mind doing it. However, for others who do not have coding knowledge them making wordpress pages are a time-consuming job. 

They need the best wordpress page builders to make their work easy. On the other hand, you do not have the budget to hire a web developer for website management. Then, you can make use of the web design plugins to manage your website. 

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Why is it necessary to use WordPress Page Builders to create pages? 

You can make custom layouts on your website using the drag and drop-top wordpress page builders. With the help of these web design plugins, you can have ready-made modules, widgets, and content blocks for your website. 

You need not have technical knowledge if you are using the top wordpress page builders for designing your website. Still, it does not mean that these wordpress page builders are only for beginners. 

Professional web developers can use these web design plugins to speed up their work of design pages on client’s websites. It is a suitable tool for you to do your work professionally. 

While choosing the easiest wordpress page builder for your website, you should keep a list of things in mind:

  • Compatible Web Design Plugin: You are doing the editing work in the existing wordpress themes. Furthermore, you should choose a wordpress page builder, which is compatible with the theme, and plugins that have been used in the website. 
  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive page builder: A web plugin should be responsive and mobile-friendly. It is easy for a developer to manage things at any time. You do not have the computer to do the website editing work. Then, using your mobile, you can do it. It can only happen when you have the responsive top wordpress page builder. 
  • Functionality Pagebuilder Features: You should not be caught up taking a page builder because of its glittering features. A suitable web design plugin should have the essential features in it, which is helpful in; make your website look user-friendly. 
  • Web Design Plugin should be SEO-friendly: While choosing the best wordpress plugin for your website, make sure that it is SEO-friendly. You can pair that web design plugin with the SEO Yoast plugin doing website editing work. 

The best page builders for wordpress should have all these essential features. Then, only they are useful in doing the editing work and adding pages on a wordpress website effectively. 

We have complete research in preparing the list of best wordpress page builders for you. 

You can choose from the latest WordPress page builder to start your web designing work. It will save you time. You can perform your job more professionally. 

5 Best WordPress Page Builders

Therefore, the Top wordpress page builders are as follows:

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. Visual Composer
  4. Divi Builder
  5. Thrive Architect


It is the world’s leading wordpress page builder platform online. Elementor is a free-to-use web design plugin. It has over 2 million+ active installs. Therefore, it is the most popular and the best wordpress page builder that has found a top place in our list.

 Many webmasters like Elementor because it is a free and open-source online editing platform. For beginners, it is a handy tool to use. You can perform the live changes on the website using the Elementor web design plugin.

Most Used WordPress Page Builder

Just drag and drop the widgets where you want on the website using this most used wordpress page builder. The Elementor page builder supports redo and undo options too. 

You do not like particular settings of widgets on the website. Then, you can change them instantly by opting for the undo option. Use the revision history option to check the previous revision versions on the website. In Elementor, you get the in-built under construction page or coming soon options. You are doing the changes to your website then your visitors can see the under-construction page thing when they will visit your website. 

Apart from that, there are more than 100 ready-to-use template landing pages are available. For a better experience do web designing, you can start using Elementor. There is no need for any technical expertise to use this web design plugin. 

Elementor WordPress Page Builder features are: 

  • You get a responsive design in the pro and free versions of Elementor. 
  • The third-party widgets and pre-designed templates to put on wordpress websites are available here. 
  • In the pro-version of the Elementor web design plugin, you get a list of integration options to choose from it. 
  • Several options are available like form builder, theme builder, and pop builder at the Elementor pro version. All the basic features in Elementor are free. You want the advanced features then you can choose the pro option.

Now you can download from the below link with the Activation Key At Rs 499. 

Beaver Builder

One of the most user-friendly web design plugins is Beaver Builder. It has everything in it that is required by a website developer to do frontend development work on the website. 

What more you get in beaver builder that it is easy to use this top website page builder. You get plenty of designs in this latest wordpress page builder. You can make a sound choice by opting for Beaver Builder. 

It has all the widgets and templates that you need. However, in the free version, you get the basic features of Beaver Builder. You can spend some bucks to get the pro version and enjoy using all the features. 

Latest WordPress Page Builder

The list of features of Beaver Builder is:

  • You can create many template designs for content and landing pages. 
  • Beaver Builder comes with a responsive and mobile-friendly design that makes it the top website page builder that every web developer can trust.  
  • This web design plugin is compatible to use with every wordpress theme. 
  • In Beaver Builder, you get the Customer CSS Class and ID Support.

Spend $99 yearly to get the standard subscription of Beaver Builder. For pro subscriptions, the annual cost is $199, and the agency subscription price is $399. In these all premium-pricing options, you can do the editing of multiple websites. It will help you to grow fast in your career.

Now you can download from the below link with the Activation Key At Rs 499.

Visual Composer

A complete package of the wordpress website builder is Visual Composer. This top website page builder tool is best for beginners and professional developers. 

You can use this tool to do the complete customization of the website easily. It does not take much time to make a beautiful wordpress website. There are several designing options are available in it. 

The designing options available for visual composer gives complete control to the developer of the website. By using visual composer wordpress page builder, you can make stylish backgrounds, grid layouts, flexible rows, and columns of your choice.

Best WordPress Page Builders in 2021

 In addition to this, you can do editing website’s logo, headers, footers, menus, and many more. What else any web designer can want from the website page builders’ tool. 

Features of Visual Composer are: 

  • You can start swiftly the website designing work using the blank space wizard. 
  • In Visual Composer, you get a custom list of support widgets. 
  • This is the list of things templates, extensions, and elements cloud marketplace you can get in the premium subscription of the visual composer page builder tool. 
  • Using the premium features, you can unlock the stock images that are available in visual composer. 

The Visual Composer’s annual cost is $49 for one website. Additionally, you want a subscription for three websites then the price is $99 yearly and $349 yearly for developers. By spending $349 yearly for Visual Composer, you can unlimited options to grow faster. 

Now you can download from the below link with the Activation Key At Rs 499.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder is the most popular drag and drops wordpress page builder plugin. It let you preview the design of your wordpress website before doing anything live on the website. 

Divi WordPress theme has created this top website page builder plugin. Therefore, you get access to all the premium features of elegant themes. On the other hand, you can use the Divi Builder on the other wordpress themes too. 

Best WordPress Page Builders in 2021

Among the powerful web, design plugins come with a large number of content modules. You have limitless designing possibilities when you start using Divi Builder. For different types of websites, there are tons of designing options and templates are available here.

 It is super easy to start using Divi Builder and make beautiful website designs. You can do the customization work on font size, design, and color.

 Furthermore, using the Divi Builder plugin you can create customized designs for your website too. To build a perfect-to-use website, there are many content elements available like buttons, calls to action, pricing tables, and an audio player. 

Divi Builder features are as follows:

  • It is handy to use the Divi Builder plugin for beginners and professional website developers. 
  • You can do customization of designs and create your own too. 
  • Get possibilities of limitless designing in the Divi Builder wordpress page builder plugin. 
  • As a web designer, you can use Divi Builder on any wordpress theme it is compatible to use it. 

With the help of the design and framework available at Divi Builder, you can do customization of every part of your website. Undo and redo options are there in this plugin. You do not like any design then it easy for you to do timely revisions on the website.

The yearly cost of Divi Builder is $89 if you want to get lifetime access then the price is $249. After paying the price, you can start using the premium tools and get lifetime access to Divi Builder. 

Now you can download from the below link with the Activation Key At Rs 499.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a modern page builder theme. On the other hand, it is not a web design tool prepared from a scratch. It is the updated version of Thrive Content Builder Plugin. 

You want to give it a try using it then you can find the tested features available in this best wordpress page builder. All the features have been wrapped in the modern user interface design and then provided to the users. The idea of the drag and drop of widgets is superb to make customized wordpress designs on the websites. 

You are looking for things to give a unique look to your website then Thrive Architect is the best option for you. It is a wonderful tool and improved version of Thrive Content Builder Plugin. 

Thrive architect WordPress plugin

In case you want to know about how to use wordpress page builder, here are the key features that are available in this improved page builder tool: 

  • Compatible to use with all wordpress themes: Theme Architect is popular among its users as you can use it with all the wordpress themes. Using the cool features of this tool, you can give a wonderful look to the website. 
  • Ease of Content Editing: The Company has come up with an updated version of Theme Content. In which, you can do easy editing work of your content. You can save your precious time in involving in the content editing and updating job. 
  • Improvement in User Interface: Anyone can start using Thrive Architect, there are several options of drag and drop of widgets are available in this tool. You do not need to worry about the website designing and theme when you began your editing job using this tool. Thrive Architect will not annoy you there are so many things available in it that you can try on your website. 
  • Several templates and sections available: You start with your website designing work using Thrive Architect then you get many options to choose from in templates and sections. Furthermore, you can add as many sections as you want to your website. This tool can help you to perform multiple tasks at one time. 
  • Better Elements Selection: There are modules present in Thrive Architect’s improved version. Thanks to the modules, now it is easy to update content on the website. 

You can check out Thrive Architect if you are focusing to do the marketing work from your website. There are conversion-focused features and templates available in it.

Now you can download from the below link with the Activation Key At Rs 499.

You have involved in the lead generation work then you can do maximum things from these templates in your work. Without any doubt, you can begin using Thrive Architect on your website and get the best results soon. It is a trustworthy tool like Elementor and Beaver Builder

What makes a page builder plugin best for a wordpress website?

The majority of the wordpress page builders have come up with the drag and drop options. In the free plans, these plugins offer you to use only the basic features. 

On website editing, you need to have access to all the pro features to get a professional website look and attract visitors to your website. You want to add some stunning pages to your website then use Elementor and Beaver Builder. 

Best WordPress Page Builders in 2021

On the other hand, you are doing the lead generation and marketing stuff from your website. Then, the best option for you is Thrive Architect. Adding some general pages can be done easily using Beaver Builder.

It has everything in it from easy to use to design SEO and mobile-friendly pages for your website. A plus point of this tool is that there are many pre-built templates available. 

You can choose from them and then add them to your wordpress website accordingly. These page builders are beneficial for the wordpress developers to finish their work on time. Then, they can approach many clients and their website designing work. 

Apart from that, you should focus on the key to find the best wordpress plugin for your website. It should have all the features in it. Additionally, the price of the premium version of the page builder plugin should fit into your budget.

 These plugins are easy to start with designing if you are a beginner in this field with zero coding knowledge. There is no need to worry at all. Many inbuilt templates and widgets are there that give an engaging look to your website to attract visitors. 

Then, you can generate a good amount of organic traffic online and make money. You should remember to invest only in those new wordpress page builder tools that give maximum features beneficial for the website. 

Conclusion On WordPress Page Builders

According to the users’ demand, we have listed the best wordpress page builders’ tool. You can do use these plugins for a specific task then you can choose any of them. Elementor, Thrive Architect, and Beaver Builder are the best in their work of website designing.

Whether you are a professional developer or a beginner blogger using these tools can give a professional and unique look to your website. You can impress your clients by finishing your work on time with the help of these tools. The basic features are available free.

You have to spend a few bucks to get tons of pro features from these WordPress page builder tools. 

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