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WooZone is a WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates (Amazon Associates Programme) partners to publish Amazon products into a WordPress blog or site by using the Amazon API.  WooZone is great for WordPress users and bloggers wanting to create a store section with selected products or the best selling products from selected categories.

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WooZone WordPress plugin

WooZone WordPress plugin is for Amazon affiliates (Amazon Associates Programme) partners to publish Amazon products into a WordPress blog or site by using the Amazon API.  WooZone is great for WordPress users and bloggers wanting to create a store section with selected products or the best selling products from selected categories.

Promote it amazon products in your woocommerce website and earn advertising expenses from qualifying purchases. WooZone WordPress plugin is a totally popular amazon pals affiliate plugin for wordpress. it’s miles one of a kind to others including prosociate and azonauthority because it uses its’personal custom backend for interacting with amazon’s api. the ensuing outcome is quite plenty the same, you get amazon associate merchandise into your woocommerce store but there may be more to the woozone affiliate plugin.

WooZone WordPress plugin have rebranded as wzone but they may be maximum generally referred to as WooZone WordPress plugin. examine my complete woozone plugin assessment and find out what i consider this associate plugin

Works as plugin on any wordpress install. ninety days cookies feature

  • with this selection, when a person is redirected to amazon, the product is automatically introduced to cart and stored there for 90 days (this boosts your conversions also!). default publishing- import the goods as published
  • When you have a woocommerce internet site that you have installation to promote products, but haven’t seen amazing click- through rates, an amazon wordpress plugin like woozone might be the solution. this multi-feature new WordPress plugin permits your woocommerce wordpress keep to utilize the widespread amazon affiliate community in a totally green manner.

WooZone WordPress plugin core characteristic is that it helps you to bulk import details of amazon merchandise on your website in a few clicks, consisting of snap shots, versions of the equal product and user Reviews. the usage of the csv import characteristic, you could import hundreds of products at one time. the one 2d import characteristic is another technique which can import one product in one 2nd. for chrome customers, the asin grabber extension makes the import method even simpler.

Once imported, the plugin generates short codes, making it clean to insert products into any submit. the product info remain robotically synchronized with adjustments at the amazon website. you furthermore might get the ability to optimize the product attributes, together with photos and classes, choosing the maximum crucial information you need to show. this will increase your website online’s pace exceedingly, as does the compatibility with amazon cloud front.

The automatic content spinner module spins imported content so that google doesn’t examine it as reproduction, improving your web page’s search engine hits. Product stats permit you to hold a tab on essential information, like the most popular products in your website online. the onsite cart we could users upload more than one Merchandise to their cart whilst they may be in your web page, and then take a look at out on amazon later. the 90-day cookie adds

merchandise clicked in your web site to users’ carts even once they exit without an immediate purchase. with geo targeting, you can redirect users to their area’s amazon save, growing the chance of a buy.

Importantly, all this doesn’t prevent you from displaying non-amazon products for your WooCommerce keep.

What’s required for wzone?

Wzone is a plugin for wordpress and calls for woocommerce (both free) to paintings. every other prerequisite having an amazon friends account with legitimate api credentials despite the fact that there’s a workaround for brand new amazon associates users through a chrome plugin.

The endorsed minimum specification for wzone is:

  • WordPress zero+
  • Woocommerce 2+
  • WordPress reminiscence allocation 128mb
  • Personal home page 5.6+ but 7+ better

Woocommerce and wzone are pretty in depth Wp plugins and do require an awesome allocation Of assets, read my manual on the pleasant united kingdom ssd wordpress hosting for a spread of united kingdom web hosting with the intention to work will with wzone. alternatively, the following hosts are great web website hosting corporations:

Important Woozone has officially launched a model that works with pa api five.

It also works with pa api 4, but on march 9 it is going to be eliminated from the plugin, so please make sure you’ve got migrated your keys till then.

The way to use the pa api 5?

First, make sure you have the latest model of wzone ( next, go to config -> amazon setup -> standard & amazon and you’ll find an option referred to as use amazon api? with a dropdown where you may pick what pa api version, you desire to apply.

Pa api fiveRegulations / requirements

Ok, so the pa api 5 requires secure connection now – you need to have an ssl certificates installed on your website (https)

Additionally, you no longer can use a couple of friends accounts – which means your affiliate identification will simplest paintings with the pair of api keys that have been generated from that associate account.

Extremely good on-web page optimization !

High-quality seo content material to your products, our wzone plugin takes all records available for all amazon products: name, fees (ordinaryExpenses, income fees and all expenses versions), all products attributes, product reviews and full merchandise descriptions.

Using our wzone plugin you may bulk import hundred of merchandise from amazon into your woocommerce store in just a flash. our most recent model has an ultra fast import system, in which you may import merchandise in much less than one 2nd!

The plugin is construct on our custom aa-team framework, and based on modules mananger , very easy to apply & administer.

Insane import On our insane Import module, you can seek with the aid of classes / subcategories / key phrases, pick out the goods which you want, and click import! it doesn’t get any less difficult!

Complete capabilities listing of this best plugins for WordPress

  • Works as plugin on any wordpress
  • Like minded with any wordpress / woocommerce topic
  • Direct checkout or upload to cart characteristic
  • Pick out from the following amazon locations – amazon s., amazon germany, amazon united kingdom & amazon india. (restrained within the lite model)
  • Ninety days cookies feature – with thisFeature, while a person is redirected to amazon, the product is routinely introduced to cart and saved there for ninety days (this boosts your conversions additionally!).
  • Default publishing- import the products as published or
  • Maximum 2 photos & 2 variations for every product
  • Amazon critiques tab
  • Custom buy button textual content
  • Clean setup wizard
  • Custom checkout message
  • Image import type – remote images- from amazon cdn
  • United states availability characteristic- verify if a product is to be had on more than one nations
  • Setup amazonAccess key identification and secret get entry to key
  • Setup your associate identification’s (you don’t need to specify

all associate ids in case you aren’t registered to all applications.)

  • Setup fundamental affiliate id
  • Setup / backup module – install default plugin settings, backup cutting-edge plugin settings, and backup modern keep merchandise.

What you may need in order to use wzone – wordpress plugin:

  • WordPress 3+
  • Woocommerce wordpress plugin – version 1.2 +
  • Amazon account ( so one can get mystery/get entry toKeys
  • Amazon associate account (https://associate- if you want to get the money!


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