How To Start A Quiz Website In 2021 – Ultimate Guide For Huge Income
How to start a quiz website

How To Start A Quiz Website In 2021 – Ultimate Guide For Huge Income

Do you recall taking quizzes in old magazines where you had to write down your answers and keep track of your scores so you could count them up at the end to get your result? Today we will talk about How To Start A Quiz Website?

If you’re anything like me, you probably ran out of steam about halfway through the quiz. It would have been simpler if the quiz had automatically transmitted your answers, reducing the amount of work you had to do. Although this may not be possible for print publications, it is certainly possible when the quiz is hosted online.

How Can Quiz Websites Be Fun?

Quizzes are a fun and interactive way to communicate with people and allow them to express themselves. If we go by the numbers, quizzes account for 6 out of every ten viral posts on Buzzfeed. People like them, and they’re more likely to spend time taking the quiz, which means they’ll spend more time on your web (i.e., lower bounce rate.) This guide takes you through how to start a quiz website in 2021.  

How To Start A Quiz Website

Furthermore, since most of your visitors will come from Social Media Channels, you won’t have to think about SEO (which is a difficult task). Starting a viral quiz site is not as complicated as you might have guessed, and trust me when I say that it will only take you 10 minutes before your site is up and running and your followers begin to visit it. You might be wondering how to start a Quiz Website. The following is the process of creating a Quiz Website.

You can make an interactive quiz that does all the work for your quiz takers using a quiz building platform like Interact. They just have to answer the questionnaire questions you’ve already set up and press a button to get their results right away.

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With interactive quizzes, participants don’t have to second-guess whether they tallied their numbers correctly, wait for an email with their final results, or wonder how accurate their quiz results are. They will quickly take the quiz and receive their products in a short period. Furthermore, there is no time delay between when someone takes your quiz and receiving their results.

You can launch your first interactive quiz with confidence, knowing that it will run on autopilot and provide your audience with the customized quiz results they want based on how they react to each question. It’ll also look fantastic on any device’s display.

How to Start A Quiz Website In 2021 – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Purchase a domain and web hosting.

First and foremost, you must purchase an appealing domain name. If your domain name is simple to remember and recall, you can save a lot of time in the promotion process. Make a list of a few words that come to mind. If you can’t think of anything, there are plenty of domain name suggestion tools on the internet.

Use all of them to come up with a memorable and brandable domain name. Make sure your desired domain name is available with the COM suffix, as it is the most common and often receives first-page results in search engines (there are no official words about it, but I have personally found it to work that way.)

Now that you have a memorable domain name, it’s time to find a web host that can handle a lot of traffic (thousands of page views per week). If you read my previous guide on how to start a blog, you’ll notice that I recommend Siteground Shared Hosting to new bloggers.

How To Start A Quiz Website

Step 2: WordPress Installation

After you’ve purchased web hosting from Inter Server or another provider, it’s time to set up WordPress. What’s the deal with WordPress? Since it is the most popular blogging site and the best Quiz Website, with a wealth of features and an intuitive interface that makes blogging easy. Plus, the theme and plugin I’m about to talk about are only for WordPress.

WordPress can be installed with a single click from your cPanel dashboard. Simply select your website, give it a title and summary, and then click next, next, and next until you reach your WordPress dashboard. Using this to create your Quiz site is easier.

After you’ve installed WordPress on your server, there are three things you should do. You really cannot afford to overlook these.

  • Permalink Structure Modification (Step-by-Step Guide)
  • Install 10 Beginner-Friendly Plugins
  • Make Six Crucial Blog Pages

Step 3: Quiz Function and Design

It’s now time to start designing your website. There are lots of paid and free themes available for WordPress from different vendors. MyThemeShop is the recommended option for purchasing Themes and Plugins. You can choose between a paid premium theme and a free theme.

For a premium, I would recommend any theme from MyThemeShop or Genesis platform with a child theme. A viral theme is your best bet for a free option. Create a free MyThemeShop account and download the zip file. Simply copy and paste it into your WordPress account, and you’re done! You’ve built a stunning Quiz Website. This is how to start a quiz website.

How To Start A Quiz Website In 2021 – Alternative Way

You Have Two Options For Creating An Online Quiz Website:

On your current website, host quizzes from around the world or create a new one. Using apps, create quizzes and insert them on your website. Going for the second of the two choices above would give you your own brand name. Your website will look like a quiz website if you host or share quizzes from other developers, but it will lack credibility.

How To Start A Quiz Website

To ensure that your website appears genuine, I suggest creating your own quizzes using quiz creator software and then sharing or embedding them on your blog. Not only will this ensure brand credibility, but it will also help maintain continuity in all of your website’s quizzes.

Let me now lead you through some critical stages of making an online quiz website:

Choosing online software for quiz site:

Selecting a good quiz builder program to create your quizzes is an essential step in building an online quiz website. Look for the following features in a quiz creator app to determine whether it is the right software for you:

  • There is no need to install any apps.
  • Simple to comprehend.
  • Templates & Question Banks for Customizations
  • Configure the security settings.

Creating a quiz entails the following steps:

The next phase is making your quiz. Choosing a good quiz maker app would, without a doubt, make making your quiz a lot easier. You can quickly make a scored quiz or a personality test with a decent quiz maker app for your website.

  • To make a quiz using quiz creator tools, you’ll need to do the following:
  • Choose between a scored or personality quiz.
  • Choose a design prototype.
  • Make changes to the quiz summary.

Make the quiz your own by adding your logo, backgrounds, and color schemes, for example.

  • Questions may be added.
  • Response grading or scoring can be automated.
  • Adding instant feedback
  • Set up the security settings.

In the same way, you can make as many quizzes as you want.

Adding quizzes to your website:

You can insert your quiz on your website once it’s done. You can do this by copying the embed code and pasting it into your website. Yes, it’s that simple.

Using social media to promote the quiz site:

You’d like a lot of people to take your quizzes now that they’re ready and the quiz page is up and running. As a result, it’s critical that you promote your quizzes on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so that they go viral and people who want to take the quiz end up on your page, resulting in increased website traffic. This is most likely the simplest and fastest workaround for making an online quiz website.  

To build a quiz, go to WP Quiz Pro > Add New and select the quiz sort you want to make.

Many quiz forms are supported. The directions are straightforward, and if you need any additional assistance, you can always contact the MyThemeShop support team. You can use the shortcode given to show your quiz anywhere on your post or pages once you’ve finished creating it, and it looks fine.

How To Start A Quiz Website

Develop a personality test!

You’ve already seen personality quizzes in motion if you’ve ever taken a Buzzfeed-style quiz. Personality quizzes ask participants to answer a series of questions based on what best describes them, with the results generating an automated quiz result that reveals more about their personality. The more information you can include in your personality-driven quiz results, the more confidence your audience will have in you because they will believe you really understand them.

Why do so many quiz makers opt for a personality test?

Audience members who take the quiz will learn more about themselves, making personality quizzes a perfect self-discovery tool. Being a part of their self-discovery journey as a brand is a great way to create credibility in your audience, leading to further sales down the road. You’ll also have more creative leeway when it comes to the types of personality outcomes you should present to your audience.

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