How To Start A Blog In 2021 | Easy Tips & Trick

How To Start A Blog In 2021 | Easy Tips & Trick

If you look at the world today, there are no longer days when you need to hire a PR team or even become famous for television or movies. In fact, the Internet has not only made YouTube’s most popular social media platforms, but also the process of building your own brand and following potential.

In order to keep up with these benefits, a blog can also help you connect with celebrities, businessmen and the world’s loudest speakers.

Blog Website

To master the art of making money online

Why blog and try to create something online first – possibly, make money!

Two things to mention here. The first is that there is nothing wrong with making money online, especially if you are creating something that takes your time and gives you value in the process. Secondly, this blog and the above financial statements are designed for inspiration and inspiration – no bragging about me. I have a lot of friends online who do five to six counts a month, and some even press for a month with seven numbers from time to time!

You can generate more money if you have the right target audience and increase traffic and from now on there are more money to generate if your quality content SEO of blog is of high standard. No matter what market you want to enter, or the special skills or expertise you have to offer, at the end of the day there is a whole world of financial opportunities out there that you can take advantage of.

Did you know that there are currently over a billion active websites and blogs online today? It’s true, and thousands of new sites are coming in every day. With all these new sites and live bloggers with new content, it will become increasingly difficult to create a more effective and more competitive level in search engines. Therefore, proper care and attention should be given to keywords when starting a blog.

Are you thinking to start a blog in 2021,  then the following points are necessarily to be considered=

  • Find out your Niche
  • Create a Domain name
  • Register your domain and Hostingbest blogging platforms
  • Install WordPress
  • Install some Plugins
  • Write and get the Post Posted

If you are planning to Start your own blog in 2021 which gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons, learn and share your life experiences. However, creating your blog is one thing, where you hope to post regularly and connect with like-minded readers, and sitting down and writing a blog post is another.

More than 7 million blog are published daily, so how can you start yours unique blogs? How can you attract a wider audience and enhance your reading? Simultaneous answer is simple and very difficult. All you need is quality content. The definition of quality content varies from blog post to blog post depending on your particular importance and target market. However, not all great blog posts have other global structures that are similar:

  • Advocate for Target Audience.
  • Providing unique and knowledgeable information.
  •  Include a lot of visual contents.
  • Include Interesting topics with right contents which grab the visitor’s attention.
  • They have the right shape and structure.
  • Designed for search engines so that they can give search engine optimization and a high ranking.

If you go into the blog, this list may seem overwhelming at first glance. But don’t worry, that’s why this guide is there. We will write all about how to write a blog post, starting with how to find a Best blog topics and ending with how to increase the visibility of your blog post in search engines.

So, let’s get into it and find out how to write blog posts that will attract attention and direct clicks.

best blogging platforms

Before you can understand how to write a blog, you need to understand what a blog post is. This is not just a newspaper quote, it is not your diary. A website where individuals and companies can share information and entertaining content that keeps their readers engaged.

You can write blog content to share your ideas on specific topics, provide interesting information, and introduce your audience with new ideas and important information. Whether you are writing about your favorite recipes, the best technical solutions of the year or anything in between, your blog posts should be designed to provide education (education + and entertainment).

You need to provide unique content in your blog website that attracts readers and makes them ask for more. You must continue to provide this content.

  • Simple Steps to Writing a Blog Post in 2021

Writing a blog that attracts visitors, increases engagement and opens a profit can be a challenge if you approach it directly.

So, we split blog course into several easy steps to break.

Taking this process one step at a time will help you quickly and easily with the ability to write killer blog posts. So, let’s see a little bit.

  • Do some market research

As mentioned, your blog post will not be successful if you do not keep your visitors in mind at all times. If you write blogs everywhere or pretend to write a diary, your readers will see. They will feel isolated.

Therefore, to attract the attention of the student, you need to talk to him or her directly. The only way to do that is to know who your student is.

Do some research and find out who your target audience is. Learn about their interests, hobbies, topics, their ideas and moreto create Best blog post topics. The more you learn about your target readers, the easier it will be for you to write a blog post expressing their interest.

If you haven’t had a real audience since you started, take a look at your main competitors and see what kind of readership you attract.

How to Start a Blog in 2021
  • Edit your blog post edits

Once you know the type of audience you want to attract, it’s time to edit your blog. Not to mention more now. All you have to do at this point is think and make tips.

Choose your favorite topic from popular Blogs

One of the most difficult steps in writing a killer blog post comes with a related topic. Where do you start a blog?

How do you know if your audience will like it? (Short answer – you never know until you publish it.) The easiest way to write a high quality blog is to choose a topic of your choice. Cut out some ideas and general topics that interest you.

If you do not like your writing area, why should others? Your readers are very smart, and very good at reading between lines. If they don’t listen to your real interest in a particular subject, they won’t be happy.

Some self-esteem is needed at this point.

  • Don’t forget the keywords!

Once you’ve narrowed down your topic, it’s always good to do some important research. This will help you to increase your marketing efforts and get higher rankings in search results pages.

You can do important research and start guessing which words your audience will use to search for your topic. If you are considering writing a blog post about “Home Exercise”, some of the most common keywords are “home exercise,” “best home exercise routine,” “homework” and so on.

You can be an expert at wrapping things up yourself, so be yourself in the position of someone who will Google your topic. This is your goal is to have a good understanding of keywords.

Of course, you can go the easy way and rely on major research tools as well. They will automate this process and help you identify specific words that are relevant to your topic.

  • Come up with a frame

With the right title and related keywords, you can now begin editing your blog post frame. Come up with a difficult solution and write down some ideas.

Going back to the topic of “home exercise,” you can edit some things you’d like to discuss. You can play a role in the importance of exercise, and then get into the benefits of cardio vs. weightlifting, and finally, list and explain a few specific exercises. Talk about necessary exercise equipment at home, and perhaps even mention certain foods to get the perfect health and fitness.

Use keywords to gain and rely on them to come up with a challenging framework for your blog post.

Learn from competitors

It’s always a good idea to check out the contest before you start writing blog posts. This will give you an idea of how your competitors handle a particular topic and how your shared audience reacts to it.

Never copy your competition!

Use them only for inspiration and tips and to learn what you need to do to make your blog posts different from theirs.

Be prepared to put your ideas on paper (digital)

Once you have all the information you need to start writing a blog, it is time to prepare for the actual writing process. That would be easier said than done.

Writing is a creative process, so coming together with a creative block is not a sensible thing to do. The best thing you can do to get ready is to write down your ideas and remove all distractions.

Make sure you have a cozy, quiet place where you can write without anything that catches your attention.

Examine your subject carefully

You have a title and keywords, you have researched the competition, and now it is time to come up with a great title. Most people who see your blog post will not go through the topic, and the topic may prevent those who might be interested in reading your blog.

So, if you want to increase your readability and attract a wider audience, you need a key theme that encourages social media shares and moves by clicks. You can do this by using social funds, by providing a working value, or by offering a threat.

Social money

Social capital actually means following a practice. If most people do something or are interested in something, others will follow.

  • Examples of blog posts:

• Most Popular Apps to Have on Your Phone

• Top 10 morning habits for successful people that you need to embrace

  • Valid value

Giving prominence to your topic can always attract readers. You just need to make it clear that your blog posts will be useful to your audience. Most of the “How to Do It” articles aim to provide tangible benefits.

  • Examples of blog posts:

• How to Make the Best Thanksgiving Dinner in just 2 hours

• Great tips for growing your next social media


Threatening or warning readers with your sound theme sounds dim, but it is very effective. It encourages them to take action and see what information you can provide.

  • Examples of blog posts:

• Stop Disclosing Your Personal Information Online!

• Why You Will Never Get That Promotion

4. Start with your first preparation

Now that you have a basic list of your blog posts and active title, you can start writing your first draft. Avoid using too many shuffles and adding sentences to make the word count. Text quality is more important than the number of words you have. Keep your copy informative, fun, and valuable.

5. Pay close attention to SEO

As you write a blog posts, you should always keep in mind the functionality of the search engine. SEO will increase the visibility of your blog and help you rank higher in search engines, drive traffic to your site and increase your readability.

  • SEO tags are important

SEO tags help search engines understand what your content is about. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for search engine crawlers to “read” your blog and determine its value.

The most important SEO tags to include are:

Title tag

Meta description marker

Header tag

• Tag

Canonical tag

Unmarked link marker

• Anchor text tag


You will need to include relevant keywords in your copy if you want your target readers to find you. However, you will want to avoid entering keywords – it will damage your SERP (Search Engine Pages) ranking and prevent many of your readers.

Include keywords and keywords naturally in your text, and mention them in your title and titles.


Internal and external links are important to your SEO. Internal links will inform search engines about what type of blog you are running. They can also work to keep your readers on your site longer.

On the other hand, external links to high-profile websites will improve your credibility and credibility, both of which are important to your SERP level.

6. Enter the visual content

A Blog posts without visual content tend to be boring and boring. You need to separate text with photos, GIFs, and other media to keep the reader active and interested.

Of course, you can’t just add any random visual content – it should make sense of your topic. It does not make sense to include pictures of cute puppies when writing a blog on “homework tests,” for example.

Reasonable content that is relevant and adds value to your post is the way to do it.

7. Read and edit only after writing your blog post

The biggest mistake made by new bloggers is editing as they write. It wastes time, diverts your attention, and creates creative blocks.

Instead, start editing and proofreading after you have already written the complete copy. Better yet, give it a few hours, and come back later. You will have a new perspective, and you will find it easier to improve your writing and make it sound better.

If you want to be taken seriously as a blog, you need to make sure your grammar and spelling are wrong. You do not have to be first and foremost, but you will want to avoid grammar in your comment section. So, stay tuned and check for bugs before uploading your blog post.

8. Responding to a blog post is important

Finally, you’ll need to make sure your blog posts are visible throughout the device.

Working at home during COVID-19

2020 The most exciting technological advances of 2020

See Netflix movies you should watch

The best places to visit during coronavirus infections

IPhone Everything you need to know about the latest iPhone

Information guides

Information guides are a great choice for a blog posts. They are educational and entertaining, they are often lush (long-lasting or ever-relevant content):

All text, photos, videos and more should be clear and balanced on any screen. The mobile app is important for attracting readers and improving your SERP size, so don’t forget this.

Complete a blog layout

Now that we’re gone through the steps of writing a killer blog post, you will see the complete blog post template you should always follow.


A good blog post starts with a complete article. Make sure it is attractive, clear and what your copy covers. Enter your keyword in the article to improve your SEO.

Here is a trick sheet you can use to help you come up with ideas for the topic.


Blogging sites usually display posts in a row, with the latest posts appearing at the very top. Adding a publishing date for your blog posts is always a good idea so your readers can see better about your most recent posts.

Author’s life

The author’s history is always positive and you can add it after your article or at the end. Keep notes of what you learned from the process.

Author BIOS is a great way to build trust among your readers, especially if your blog site has more than one author.

A Blog post type

The blog post section is a great way to organize your content. If you use the Health & Fitness a Blog, you can add categories like:

  • Cardio Exercise
  • Weight lifting
  • Strength training
  • Exercise Rapid exercise routines
  • Exercise at home
  • Food

Whenever you upload new content, you will be added to that category, and your visitors will see what they find in it. Search engine pages can be helpful when sending your a blog.


Your intro will create or break your blog posts. This will encourage your readers to close the tab and move on, or it will increase their interest and keep them engaged. So, calculate your introduction.

Be clear and concise, and quickly explain what your post will look like. Enter a keyword at least once in the first two sections for better SEO.


You need to provide the promise made by the body title and introduction of your blog post. If your article reads “Exercise at Home”, you should describe the exercises that are appropriate for the body of your copy. Do not simply explain the health benefits of regular exercise or talk about exercise. Focus on the main thing and expand it.

Play with different word numbers to see how well your audience responds.


Even the smallest blog post should have a short article or two – making it easy to scan a copy. When inserting subtitles, make sure they are relevant to the main topic and contain credible details. In your article “Home Exercise”, the subtitle “Easy Cardio at Home” should talk about cardio, not about weight gain, not about diet, not about home exercise equipment.

Letters and numbers

Including bullet points and numbered lists is the best way for long blog posts. They help to divide the text well and break down ideas or steps into easy information to digest.

Bold / highlighted text

To drive home with the importance of what is posted on your blog, you can use bold or highlight text. But use it sparingly. Highlighting something is great, but the material is lost when highlighting everything.

Links from reputable sources

Links are required for any blog site. It lets you link to all your blog posts and allows your readers to engage with all your content. Connecting with other reputable sites also helps to build confidence and power in your focus.

However, do not include a link in each section. This can frustrate students and make you look like a fraud.


As mentioned above, a complete requirement including visual content. This makes breaking the text easier to read. This will help you to express yourself better and get your points scored.

The included image will help promote your blog posts on social blog and other channels.


Providing a quick summary is a great way to wrap up your blog posts and find the most important points. A few sentences should be enough to remind the reader of what you are covering.


The CTA, or Call to Action, should be added after the summary. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Examples are sharing your posts on social media, posting comments or subscribing to your blog.

[Video] How To Write A Blog Post: Subscribe To Get Used Most Used Videos

Examples of blog posts

Finally, let’s look at some examples of blog posts and what kind of content you can publish on your blog.


Lists some of the most popular blog posts you may encounter:

  • 5 best exercises to do at home
  • Advanced collaborative tools for remote workers
  • The Best TV Series to Watch on Netflix
  • 5 My 5 Must Go Cooking Winter Vacations
  • Girl 10 things every woman should have in her cabinet


Everyone likes good comparisons, and you get a Vs. Can create. Content for almost anything:

  • IPhone Vs. Samsung: Which smartphone is the best?
  • Cardio Vs. Strength Training: Good and Evil
  • Use plastic for single use and replacement
  • Differences between Paid Fees and Natural Marketing
  • Is it better to rent LA or buy a house in LA?


Providing solutions to your students’ problems is one of the easiest ways to get their attention:

 The best way to deal with insomnia

Weight is a simple way to exercise to lose excess weight

Simple Improve your work balance with these simple tips

Away Stop your dog destroying your house while you are away

Christmas How to do Christmas shopping on a tight budget

News and updates

If you upload daily a blog posts, it may be a good idea to provide news and updates on fashion topics related to your highlights:

  • Tips Improve your organic marketing

Writing a blog post can be challenging, but if you are well prepared and have a topic that you like, it can be a breeze. To write a killer blog post, you need to:

Target Research your target market;

How To Start a Blog;

Blog Plan your how to start blog post;

Head Come up with a great title;

First Create your first draft;

Focus on SEO;

Add visual content;

Checking everything;

 Create mobile optimized post;

So, get started and enjoy your blogging journey.


Happy Blogging ( Blogwyse)

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