How to Create An Employee Directory In WordPress Website – In 5 Easy Steps Make Staff Directory

How to Create An Employee Directory In WordPress Website – In 5 Easy Steps Make Staff Directory

How to Create An Employee Directory In WordPress Website

Are you planning to create an Employee Directory on your WordPress website? Keep your staff trail won’t be troublesome for you. A strong form gives you a format directory plugin solution that will make it easier for your duty to maintain employee data.

WordPress directory plugins do not easily make it easier for you and allow your customers to find information about your team, which ultimately contributes to your growth.

This blog will help you understand what you can create an employee directory in WordPress using the formidable address of the form directory plugin for wordpress and will also guide you with the installation process and the general description of its features.

How To Create Employee Directory In WordPress

Tangguh directory plugins are WordPress form builders and have been among the top form builders for more than nine years. More than 29900 websites utilize the formidable directory plugin features and complete work.

With an intuitive approach, harsh has an easy installation process. After your staff directory is generated, all you need to do is update all data (name, photo ….) on the staff profile page. Access data is accessible with just a few clicks. The formidable form equips you with certain features; their best plugins are categorized into three price packages, i.e., elite, business, and base.

Essential features of the plugin directory team are challenging is

Display list sent – The data you gave will be displayed, and no particular web language like PHP will be needed.

Reaching the owner listings – contacts fed in the form helped contact the listing owner.

The existing template – several options available to be selected from existing templates that can also be edited as needed.

Ranking platform – Ranking system and provision of reviews available

Drag and Drop Form Builder:

  • Using Drag and Drag Form Builder, You can make a list of beautiful directories on your WordPress.
  • You can easily connect with the owner who sends listings.
  • They have team templates, businesses, and users built, which will help you access the directory site quickly.
  • Because there are several features of this best employee directory plugin

Employees are easy to find

  • They have a built-in advanced search widget that will help you make filters in search.
  • You can easily edit forms that can be easily arranged using CSS.
  • Front-end form delivery.
  • The profile of each staff can be added easily.
  • A list of staff directories is also available.

Steps to Make Employee Directories At WordPress

All you need to do is follow these simple steps given below.

Installation: The first thing you need to do is visit the plugin price page and buy it. The Pro version of the formidable form gives you two plugins (Form Builder and directory plugin).

The installation process is easy, and if you are stuck at any time, the support team is always ready to guide you.

Activate – Go to your WordPress admin page. You will find a challenging named option, click on it that will direct you to the add-on, find Addan Directory enable it, and then you are ready to activate.

Staff Directory Plugin: Company Directory – WordPress plugin

Team directory settings: After you activate the add-on, you will see several options in preparing the wizard. Or, if you want to go manually, you need to click on a formidable form; you will find a global setting on the setting page click on the directory. To create your state to register employee directory, you must choose the team directory option, select the format, and add the title to your page.

Review the form you make – after you are done with all the steps above, before publishing your directory form, make sure you check your condition thoroughly to avoid errors. The wizard you make automatically saved it as a draft. You can review your form and fix mistakes by clicking the View button.

If your business consists of more than some individuals, you might maintain a staff directory. This kind of listing is beneficial internally because it helps keep everyone’s information in one place. It can also help enter it on your website, as long as you can find a way to set it properly.

Like many tasks you will do on your WordPress site, the best solution is installing a special WordPress directory plugin. With the correct answer, like the POSTS Table Pro, you can add a list of simple staff to your site and adjust it according to your needs. You can even use a particular field and taxonomy to purify better and manage your directory.

In this post, we will talk about what to look for in the WordPress staff directory plugin. Then, we will introduce posts Table Pro – WordPress solutions that are friendly but strong – and show you how to use them. Let’s start!

Often smart to make a list of simple staff everyone who works for your company or organization. This directory generally contains names, contact information, profile drawings, and other related details such as work titles. Having a hard copy of your helpful staff directory – and so on putting it on your website.

Best Employee Directory Plugin For WordPress

Comfortable online staff directories cannot be lost and easily updated. For WordPress users, the best way to make it is to use the WordPress staff directory plugin with the following features:

Ways to easily add individual staff members and include them in one place.

Options to add as many additional fields as possible. The search function and filtering, so users can find what they want quickly. Like any plugin software, it’s essential to make your choice carefully. That’s why you also want to pay attention to ratings and reviews, how often the WordPress staff directory plugins are updated, and what support options are available.

How to Make a Directory Staff On WordPress Using the Post Pro Table (In 5 Easy Steps)

Now, let’s walk by setting your WordPress staff list. First, make sure you have a recent backup on the spot. Then, you are ready to start!

Here’s a quick video on making a list of simple staff in the Post Table Pro. Below, you will find more written instructions in depth.

Step 1: Create a particular post type for your staff page

A ‘Post Type’ is a unique format for the content-page and post WordPress‘ and posts are two examples. In this initial step, you must make a particular post type for your staff information. To do that, you can install the POD plugin for free:

This tool allows you to make all kinds of great content and data on your site. After you install and activate it, there will be a new Pods admin tab in your dashboard. Click Add new at the top of the screen, and select Create new on the next page:

You can now create a single and plural label used as a name for your new post type. When done, click the next step. You will see a new tab appearing for your unique particular post type in your WordPress dashboard left menu.

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Step 2: Add particular areas and taxonomy for staff data

Next, it’s time to create a category that will appear in your staff directory. Before continuing, write all the information you want to include, such as everyone’s telephone number, email address, department, work role, etc. Then, for your list into two categories. Some information will be static data that users only want to search, such as contact details. Other information must be ‘filtered.’ For example, users might want to sort the directory by the department or work role.

First, let’s address the static data, such as a telephone number and email address. For this detail, you will create a particular field. Return to the Admin Pods tab and click your new custom post type:

Select the Add Field button, and enter information for your first particular field. There are many choices here, although most are optional. Most importantly, you will need a label for your area. You can also choose areas such as telephone or email:

Click on save the field when you finish. Then, use the same process to make any additional fields. After that, select Save POD.

For data that needs to be filtered, you will use custom taxonomy instead. From the admin system the central Pods, select Add new and then make it once again, but this time choosing a custom taxonomy from the drop-down menu: Create a label for your taxonomy – for example, the title department or work – and select the next step. You can do the same for the additional field you want in your directory.

You still need to associate this field with your particular post type, so open the edit screen again. Select the Advanced Options tab, and scroll down to Built-in Taxonomy:

Here you have to see the new taxonomy that you just created. Check the box next to each, and save the changes when you are finished.

Step 3: Enter data for each staff member

At this point, it’s time to start entering data for your WordPress staff list. Go to the tab on your dashboard, which is named after the specific post type you created, and select Add new:

You will see a basic WordPress editor with several new options. In the title field, enter the first individual name in your directory. Then, add the details of their contact to the particular area. You can set the department and work title for this individual (or use whatever custom taxi conscience). Publish entry when you are finished, and repeat this process for each team member.

Step 4: Use the Post Pro table to display your staff directory

The final step is actually to display the directory on your site. To do this, you must install the Plugin Directory Staff Pro WordPress posts. Don’t forget to activate your license key too!

You can display your directory on any post or page, so open one. Under the text tab, you must place a shortcode that will tell WordPress what should be displayed in your staff’s directory table. The Pro Post table is equipped with several practical short principles that can be adjusted to do what you need. For this example, we will use the following shortcode:

[Posts_table column = “Title, CF: Phone_Number, CF: email_address, tax: department, tax: job_title” post_type = “staff_directory”]

It instructs WordPress to create a post table using specific information. This will display the title (team member name), data from the particular field (CF) that we make, and our custom taxonomy (tax). You can add several areas and taxonomies. Finally, post_type ultimately told WordPress what kind of individual posts to draw information.

Users can now sort tables with various categories, filter them based on departmental and employment titles, and search for specific information using the search bar. This is a must use plugin wordpress to effectively manage Employee Directory without any hassel.

Step 5: Customize your staff directory.

At this point, you have a list of simple, fully functional staff. If you want, you can continue to tweak and adjust your directory until it is correct.

How you do this will depend on your specific needs. To help you, Table Table Pro includes several practical features that can improve your staff directory. This is added through various shortcode commands, such as:

Filters: With this, you can add a drop-down list above the main table, which users can use to find what they need.

Sort_by: Using this option, you can set how the directory will be sorted when you first load on the page.

Paging_Type: This allows you to choose between five different pagination styles.

Priority: If you want your directory can be easily seen on smaller devices, this option can help you only display the most relevant information when everything is not suitable.

WordPress Staff Directory Plugin: Create a Simple Staff List : Create An Employee Directory

You can check the complete list of shortcode options available on the Pro post documentation. With a bit of time and effort, you can create the perfect staff directory for your website with this best employee directory plugin for wordpress!

Conclusion On How to Create An Employee Directory In WordPress Website – Make Staff Directory

Showing your staff directory on your website is an intelligent way to ensure that information is available for anyone who needs it. Team members will be grateful for easy ways to contact the right person. What’s more, make a simple staff directory with the right best plugins.

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