How to add Google AdSense to WordPress in 2021 Guide To Success

How to add Google AdSense to WordPress in 2021 Guide To Success

So, Today I will explain about How to add Google AdSense to WordPress in 2021? You can use several ways to monetize your blog and earn money. Displaying ads on websites and affiliate marketing are some of these ways to make money online. You can earn from Google AdSense and get a sizeable income through ads displayed. The earnings depend on the website traffic.

To get free ads on your WordPress websites, you can use Google ads. It is easy to create Google AdSense Acccount and set it up AdSense on your WordPress website. You can do it manually and use the plugins too. 

How to add Google AdSense to WordPress In 2021

Learn more about Google AdSense & its functioning 

One of the most famous platforms online you can run and see the ads is Google AdSense. There are other popular options available online to get ads on your website. Based on the user history, the ads showed to them on the website by Google Company.

For example, you have a travel blog then Google will automatically show the booking related ads on the blog. Google AdSense is intelligent in gathering the users’ search history information than showing the ads according to your preference. It is the best way to attract the audience to the websites and generate good revenue. 

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Steps to create the Google AdSense Account 

You have your blog and getting a good amount of traffic. Then hike your income from blogger Google AdSense. Now, it is the best time to monetize it and generate revenue. It is a super easy task to create an AdSense account.
Follow these lists of steps to make an AdSense account and get ads approval:

  • The first step is to add your email address and website address in Google AdSense.
  • Then, choose the things you want to add in mailing tips for running the ads.
  • Click to save and continue button after entering the information.
  • You have the Google account earlier, and then all the details will appear on the screen.
  • You do not want to use that account then click on the use different account option.
  • Start with the sign-in option from the Google account.
  • Read all the conditions carefully.
  • After that, select the country/territory from the list.
  • Now, your Google AdSense account has been created.
  • You will see the screen on your computer about the Google AdSense account setup process.
  • The next step is to click on the Get Started button.
  • Type the contact information carefully in the next steps.
  • You have the details earlier than check them carefully and save them too.
  • Then, you will get the codes that you can use to connect your blog/website with Google AdSense.
How to add Google AdSense to WordPress

What can you do if your AdSense account has not approved yet?

Now, you have set up the Google AdSense account. For the AdSense approval from Google, you have to wait for some time. Due to some reasons, Google rejects the AdSense account.

It happens with you then you will receive a mail from Google that shows reason to reject the account. In the maximum cases, the Google AdSense account disapproved due to the presence of plagiarized content on the website.

How to add Google AdSense to WordPress

There may be designing fault. Your website may have security issues. A new website has rejected by Google because of a lack of content.

Google wants to approve AdSense on those websites that have high quality, unique content and generates high traffic. Your Google AdSense account has been rejected. Then, you should not waste your time to contact Google AdSense to reapplying once again. You can check the errors on the website and fix them. You should take your time to make improvements to the website. Once all these things have been completed from your side and the website is working properly. You can reapply for Google AdSense and get approval.

Guide to the Working of Google AdSense Network 

Anyone who has a website can join the Google AdSense network and clear their doubts on can I earn money from Google Adsense. The ads will display on your website only when AdSense approves your website. Once, your website has approved then AdSense pays you money on the clicks or impressions on the ads that have been displayed on your website. 

All the ads that a website gets are from Google Ads Publishers. Furthermore, this is a platform designed solely for marketers as they can add Google AdSense to website. Therefore, the marketers make use of these platforms to create campaigns and then ads on the websites. 

A broad range of tools is available with Google. It gives to the marketers so that a relevant audience group sees these ads online. You should have an active website you want to apply for Google AdSense. Follow this article to get to know how to add Google AdSense to the WordPress site. 

Use these two ways as How to add Google AdSense Code to WordPress 

As a blogger, you have two options manually and using WordPress plugins to add AdSense to your website. In these two cases, you should have Google’s snippet code.

Get Google AdSense Approval and Code 

AdSense enables the website owner to display ads on the website. For a new person, it is important to get information on how to add Google AdSense to the WordPress site. 

Manual Ads: You can place ads on your website manually. Additionally, you can choose the list of ads you want to have on your website and then place them. 

Auto Ads: Using the automatic mode, AdSense decides about the number of ads placed on the website. You will add a Google AdSense code WordPress site then ads will publish.

In other cases, AdSense decides the list of ads to show on a particular website. Using the automatic mode, you can on which pages you want to show the ad. It is the best way you are looking as to how to show Google AdSense to WordPress.

Add Google adsense code to wordpress

To enable the auto ads feature on your website, you can access the AdSense account you can click on the edit option and then enable the automatic ads option. You can add Google AdSense code to WordPress then use the auto ads option.

How to add Google AdSense to WordPress Site Using plugins

You have to add Google AdSense code to WordPress on the website’s header. Furthermore, you can add the plugin Header, Footer and Post Injections. It is easy to use the Best Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress. On your website site, click to Settings and then visit the header and footer option. You can copy the auto AdSense code and paste it into the page section injection head. The automatic option is the preferable one. You have to paste the AdSense code and save it on the website. 

Add Google AdSense to WordPress

Manually Add AdSense Code to your WordPress Website 

You want to add the custom AdSense code to your website. You can do it using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). It lets you connect your website and do-files editing easily. 

On the other hand, you can prefer to use the function.php theme and the child theme to do the editing. You are planning to update your theme then the Google Ads will not disappear after installing the new theme. 

To get access to the WordPress root folder then visit the WordPress content themes. Over there, you can easily spot the function.php file inside it. Then, right-click on the file option and try to open it.

 Using the default text editor the file will open on the website. Then, place the Google AdSense code on the website. You can make changes in the function name according to your preference. 

In certain conditions, you want to make changes in the Google AdSense code or want to remove it. Then, remove that code from the function.php file, and then do not forget to disable the child theme. 

Where can you put ads on your website? Best Google Adsense Tips

The work to add Google AdSense code to wordpress is done from your side. Now, you can take time and see where to place the ads on your website. You are aware about how to add Google AdSense code to wordpress site. The ad placement procedure depends on the design and layout of your site. On which page, you get the maximum traffic.

The people come to your site to get meaningful information. Still, advertisements are not the things that people want to see frequently on the site.

They will not like a website full of ads to earn only money. You should focus on two important things i.e. providing valuable information to the viewers and generating revenue. Try to use different ways to engage more audience on the website. Then, they will click on the ads of their preference.

You can make some money out of it.

In the planning and placement of ads, consider these two points:
Position of ads: You should place the ads on the website where you can gain people’s attention easily.

Ads Size: All the ads should be of noticeable size. The large ads will dominate your page. Then, it will reduce the website’s viewership.

You can do one thing run some ads on the website on a trial basis. Then, see the website’s performance. You can finalize the number and size of ads you want to place on the website. Rigorously testing will help you to make decent money and gain viewer’s loyalty too. In the above section, we have told how to add Google AdSense on the WordPress site. Now, we discussed how to place the right amount of ads on the websites. It will help you in monetizing your blog in a better way. Are you a new blogger? You can follow these techniques how to add Google AdSense in WordPress Site and then monetizing your website. 

Make the most out of Google AdSense from your WordPress website

Google AdSense has been implemented on your website. Furthermore, the ads are running on the website. You have to monitor the ads on your website to make money from them. Visit Google AdSense and track your earnings and website traffic. You can report the ad that you do not want to show on the website.

 Google will provide you the details of your number of clicks and earnings information. You can use the information to find out the most profitable for your website. One ad is running the most profitable for you on your blog. Then, you can replicate it in different locations on the website. 

Earn From Google AdSense

Do not forget to make sure that the ads running on the website are causing an increase in bounce rate. Check the number of pages the people are viewing on your website. You should adjust all the ads that are distracting the people from your website. As a blogger, you should regularly spend some time optimizing your website. Then, surely, it will increase your revenue. 

You should work on the website’s SEO so that your website can appear on Google’s first page. Focus on SEO, bounce, and ads to make your website a successful venture for you. Follow all the guidelines of Google so that your AdSense has not rejected. It will harm the website. It can cause a fall in revenue and you will lose the visitors on the site. 

Final Words On How to add Google AdSense to WordPress in 2021

You have prepared a website online. The website is getting good traffic. Then, the best way to monetize the website is to set up the Google AdSense account and get approval. It is easy to learn How to add Google AdSense to WordPress site. You can use the two ways to add AdSense code to WordPress. 

Add Google ADSENSE code to WORDPRESS without a plugin

Make use of plugins to add the AdSense code on your website.
The next way is to use the plugins and function.php file to add Google AdSense code on the WordPress site.

These are the ways as to how to add Google AdSense to WordPress. You can follow them carefully it is one of the effective ways to make money from your website and blog. Google keeps a check on the websites and their content quality.

Hope Its Now Clear That How to add Google AdSense to WordPress in 2021.

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