Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021 – Beginner’s Guide

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021 – Beginner’s Guide

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

If you are passionate about captivating people through the magic of your words, you might have discovered the power of blogging by now. WordPress might have been the platform where you record your forays and radical ideas as a blog owner.

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When it comes to blogging, presentation is paramount, whether it is your hobby or a business venture. A study has revealed that about 38 percent of people don’t engage with blogs with dull and unattractive layouts. Hence you can’t neglect the importance of your blog’s theme if you want to scale its visibility. WordPress offers tons of the finest customizable themes for bloggers as one of the world’s most extensive content management system.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

With more than hundreds of themes in the store, it can be intimidating to find the Best WordPress Themes for Blogging. However, you need not worry, as this article narrows down some of the best themes in 2021 based on various parameters such as easy navigation, user interface, simplicity, and more.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021 – List


Astra can be the answer to your question in the first place. With more than 700,000 users, it is one of the best WordPress themes for blogging. It offers a simple take on blogging for ultimate beginners. It is lightweight, making it best for fast loading. When paired with premium benefits, Astra becomes highly customizable. The starter templates come in handy to start a website in no time. The starter templates are perfect for various blog topics such as fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, fitness, religion, and much more.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

The Astra stands out becasue of is its expandable functionality with premium features. Some add on benefits of premium are as follows

  • Multitude sites and layout options for your blog
  • High color control
  • Better typography
  • Substantial integration of WooCommerce

You can create a lovely blog without any theme bloat using the free version or a Astra Premium version that starts at Rs.499/-.


OceanWP is on track with more than 2 million downloads. The OceanWP one of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogging has made blogging easy and engaging. You can easily import any demo site of the theme with one-click and give your site a look you want in a jiffy. The demo sites offered by the theme are built entirely for blogs and various other sites such as music sites, photography sites, freelance sites, and more. some cool features of the theme include

  • Fully responsive design
  • Faster load time
  • Ecommerce ready
  • Inbuilt translation and RTL
Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

You can create a lovely blog without any theme bloat using the free version or a Ocean WP Premium version that starts at Rs.499/-.


Cali is a beautiful free theme offered by WordPress one of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogging and magazines ranging from fashion to travel. At your first glance, you will understand that it has a responsive layout supporting display on smaller devices. In turn, the design improves the user experience and attracts the search engines to notice your blog.

Cali has a stunning layout framed with large photos and white space. The well-distributed structure offers breathing space for your visitor and doesn’t mess with their concentration. The widgets provided by the theme can be placed throughout your sites, such as the sidebar, header, and footer. One of the primary features given by the WordPress plugin is the carousel. It allows you to share tons of beautiful pictures. You also have various control features such as hide thumbnails and hide postdate and authors.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

Next in the line is the options module with a range of settings to adjust your website’s appearance. You can play with colors, experiment by changing the positions, and add some fun elements with fonts. The Cali WordPress theme has integrated social media buttons. One of the crucial reasons for its popularity as one of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogging is its eCommerce ready site.

  • Ecommerce ready site
  • Responsive design
  • Fast customer support
  • Cross-browser support
  • Free theme
  • Highly customizable


Olsen is the one of Best WordPress Themes for Blogging for you if you are a lifestyle or fashion blogger on the lookout for the best theme to display your content. It offers a fluid and calm experience to the readers. The theme is excellent for anyone who wants their images to stand equal to the content. The customizable WordPress theme for fashion eCommerce is a great platform to showcase your best work.

Two of the theme’s best features are a featured content slider and an Instagram footer widget. Both unique feature elements allow you to share your blog with the readers. The featured slide, different from the other add-on, enables you to select six images or posts to include in the front of your blog. The posts can be navigated by the readers using the right and left arrows.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

The Instagram footer widget is a rare feature that doesn’t appear on most of the themes. It connects to your Instagram posts featuring your latest photos in a single row. The shortcoming is for people who want the Instagram footer widget for free as it is a premium feature.


Divi is the ultimate WordPress theme that allows anyone to build a site from the scratch award. Divi, a flexible theme won’t get you settled with style, color, and typography. You can customize everything from its display to the number of pages and the designs. The inline text editing feature comes in handy to draft pages on the front end and reap instant results. Set the perfect example for rea3l time transformation with tons of functions available in the theme.

Divi by Elegant themes offers a superior visual editor that replaces the standard WordPress editor. The editor can be enjoyed by newbies and professionals alike. The developers can efficiently operate the visual design controls using custom CSS. Divi is a paid theme that helps the growth of you and your blogging endeavors.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

Its responsive design attracts customers and intimates the search engines, and helps your blog rank higher. The responsive design lets you take full control over your website’s display on smaller devices, which makes it one of the  Best WordPress Themes for Blogging.  

Hemingway Rewritten 

The Hemingway rewritten is a theme designed to make photographers stand out. The elegant design and stunning visuals that make up the header image gives a fresh welcome to the visitors. The feature header image is the perfect choice for photographers who want to stand out from their competitors and express a bold front. Best WordPress Themes for Blogging suggests the users make use of a decorative background image the ideal header. This is because the header image can vary slightly depending on the device used.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

The Hemingway rewritten supports various formats of posts such as aside, image, and quote. You can tell a story by adding a small quote under a picture. You can perform various functions such as customize your background, customize your menu, add sticky posts and add widgets.

The unique element of Hemingway’s theme is the parallax-scrolling header. It adds the subtle fade transition to your header as someone scrolls through the blog improving aesthetic appeal. The theme is focussed on photography, Hemingway rewritten is certainly the Best WordPress theme for photography blog, fully functional and feature rich as the sky is the limit here in terms of creativity. The free theme doesn’t pose any barrier to customization and posting.


The cenote is a feature-packed, lightweight, free blogging theme with a clean and modern layout. Cenote fits the definition of minimalism perfectly. The Cenote theme has plenty of white space and standard colors that can be customized to fit various industries. You can customize the themes to serve multiple industries, from travel to food and fashion blogging. You have the one-click installation button with primary colors to match your logo.

The widget areas can be placed on the headers, footers, and sidebars. The responsive and easy to navigate design of the theme makes your site search engine friendly. You can quickly boost the rankings of your site and find new readers for your blog.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

The expansive layout and boxed frames make sure that your site covers the entire screen or gets off at the side of the screen. The sticky menu keeps the menu always in front of your readers. The sticky menu reduces the hassle of finding the menu. Another feature set of the Cenote theme that for sure will get you excited is the social icon pack.

You can find icons for various social platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Cenote theme also features an area to adjust the custom CSS. Demo content is more than enough perfect WordPress theme for beginners, while custom CSS is excellent for advanced coders. On an overall note, the Cenote Best WordPress Themes for Blogging is a comprehensive option for improving your site’s visibility.


Kale, as the name says it all, is a theme put together for food bloggers. It is a free template that paves the way to stand tall against the competition. If you are a food blogger, you would know how predominant the blog’s theme is to get the extra points for presentation. Kale gives you the edge by eliminating the clutter on your blog and featuring your images. You can customize the theme to fit versatile niches such as the fashion industry beyond its actual function. The photo centric nature of the theme makes it a versatile option for various niches.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

The Kale WordPress theme for food products comes with tons of layouts, sidebars, and options. It also includes multi-level menus and color overlay options for customizing the banners and sliders. All your YouTube videos are responsive automatically with the theme. As a food blogger having a YouTube responsive theme is a boon to integrate your cooking tutorials easily.

It is easy to get started in an instant as you can install the theme without any hassle. The best part about kale is it has WooCommerce integration. If you want to sell anything other than blogging, you can do it without any trouble.

Kadence Themes

You can see a mix of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogging in various niches in this list. The Kadence theme has become a part of the list because of its elegant design, fast loading build, and accessibility standards. A lightweight theme such as Cadence lets you perform drag and drop functions to build the header and footer. The six starter templates provided by the theme gets you on the wheel and helps you put a website together within minutes. The pages, posts, and custom post types allow you to control the layout of your website.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

Play around with the customizable theme, font, color, social icons, menus, and more. You can easily match the theme with your brand and logo colors with their global color palette. Cadence’s premium version comes with additional features such as 20 new header features, WooCommerce integration, and conditional elements.


Minimalists, clean and simple, are the word that best describes Unwind theme. The clean interface suits a sundry of niches such as lifestyle, food, tech, photography, travel, and more. The visual element of the themes makes it best suited for various niches.

It is also an excellent theme for freelancers to showcase their portfolio. The Unwind theme makes a perfect choice for e-commerce platforms that makes strategic use of the extensive product images. The theme built by Site Origin runs on code reviewed under rigorous standards of compliance.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

The theme also doesn’t show much impact on the load time. Stringent control of codes and negligible impact are pivotal for two purposes: search engine optimization and the readers’ overall user experience. Your readers won’t wait forever for the image-laden page to load. The maximum time they will give you for loading is 3 to 5 seconds.

Unwind Best WordPress Themes for Blogging lineaments a stunning integrated posts slider and fresh typography. The theme is theme naturally favors the bloggers as the focus for content is high. It provides a natural canvas for boldly displaying your text, images, and videos. Do you wonder what’s more? The theme integrates elegantly with WooCommerce to easily add e-commerce and scale your blogging business model. Customize the themes easily with four discrete header layout and five distinct site layouts. The flexibility of Unwind allows you to make a stunning website that helps you to stand out from others in the same niche. 

How to pick out the Best WordPress Themes For Blogging 

Choosing the ideal theme for blogging from an ocean of themes can be a daunting process. A lot of features go into selecting the right theme. Here are some details to ponder upon while selecting best WordPress themes for blogging.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021

Strive for a simple theme

Tons of WordPress themes come packed with sundry of colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, and more. Such complex functions are necessary in some cases, while you don’t need them in most cases. Look for a design that supports minimalism and makes blogging easy for you.

The main goal of the theme should be to support your niche. The theme should catch the attention of readers without compromising on quality and functionality. When the functions of a blog become over-complicated, you might get overwhelmed at some point of blogging.

When you get tired of handling themes, you cannot concentrate on other elements of blogging. This eventually won’t help you get to new users. Hence go for a Best WordPress Themes for Blogging that is simple yet stunning.

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Responsive design 

Responsive themes don’t underperform on any design. The responsive themes on both desktop and mobile open the gate for improving traffic and ranking higher on search engines. According to Google, mobile and handheld devices generate more than 50 percent of traffic. Hence don’t forget that all sites should be mobile-friendly. The best part about the latest WordPress themes 2021 is that they are responsive by default.

Make a list of functions you require

Before you start your hunt for the Best WordPress Themes for Blogging, make a list of theme functions you require for your blog. Think about whether you want the theme to be content-focused or general. Here is a list of tasks that you can ponder upon while selecting a theme.

  • Multiple layout options
  • eCommerce compatibility
  • Social media icons
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Comment section or forum
  • Support for updates and plugins

Check for the theme’s browser compatibility.

Though Google is a predominant browser, the readers use a sundry of browsers. A theme working correctly in a browser doesn’t mean it would do the same with other browsers; hence, check the theme’s browser compatibility before finalizing it. You can use a basic test to check its compatibility o various platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

Don’t overlook the theme speed.

The code of the theme shouldn’t slow down the site. Most of the WordPress themes are coded in a way it allows smooth loading with minimal delays. On the other hand, some themes take a lot of time to load. The low speed of the theme might push you down on Google ranks and reduce your visibility. You can do test the speed of the demo themes on speed testing sites. You can choose a theme that loads between 3 to 7 seconds.

Bottom Line 

The Best WordPress Themes for Blogging In 2021 offer a high degree of customization and user-friendly design. The best WordPress themes for blogging scales your blog’s visibility and takes you to a mass of readers.

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