15+ Best Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Article ( Beginner to Advanced Technique ) 2021

15+ Best Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Article ( Beginner to Advanced Technique ) 2021

There are many skills required for writing blog posts. You should focus on the content structure for writing SEO friendly article. Use the search engine optimization techniques to write content to attract visitors to your website. The people who visit your website should able to understand the content easily.

 As a content writer, you should stuff keywords in a proper place. Frequently, Google is updating the algorithms. You have to follow it seriously to rank on the search engines. A list of awesome SEO friendly article will bring more traffic to your website. 

How To Write SEO Friendly Content (Beginner To Advanced)

You are looking for ways to improve the content and attract traffic. Then, you should follow the list of tips to write SEO friendly content. It takes time and proper implementation of these SEO tips for writing articles to get a positive result. Two things you should always are to write content in easy language and unique. 

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By following these two things, you can rid of negative rankings on your website. On the other hand, planning is the important thing before starting work. Prepare strategies and follow them with your time. 

Essential tips to write an SEO friendly article Or SEO friendly Content

The list of essential tips to write an SEO friendly article for your blog. 

  1. Prepare Plan before Writing Content: You should think carefully before writing content for your website. The content must be an SEO friendly article or SEO friendly. Keep all the things in mind like what you want to tell to readers. Before beginning the content, you should write down these questions and then search for the answer to these questions. 
  2. Make Content Structure of Post: To write readable and SEO content or SEO friendly article, you should prepare the content structure of the content. It means that every content that you write should have: 
  • Write an introduction to the content. 
  • The content should have the main body. 
  • Summarize the ideas of the blog post. 
Long Form SEO Content

3. Use Headings & Paragraphs in the Content: Everyone makes use of paragraphs in the content. Still, not all make the proper use of paragraphs in the post. Do not try to make the paragraph of the content length. Before beginning a new paragraph, mention the new ideas or subject line of the content. Try to summarize your idea in one line in your content. Try to make understand the readers by using headings in the paragraphs. The people who are reading your article should know the purpose of writing the article on the website. The use of headings and paragraphs is essential for readability and SEO content.

4. Start the proper use of transition words: The use of transition words in the content is helpful to create an understanding between the paragraphs of the content. Examples of transition words include, however, similarly, secondly, furthermore, and moreover. To add structure to your content, you should transition words in the post. 

5. Stuff-related keywords in the article: You should properly stuff articles in your content. To get rankings on Google, make your blog post SEO optimized. Do not use a focus keyword in every sentence of your content. Google understands that you are improperly using the keywords. However, there are chances of getting a penalty from Google. You can use the synonyms of the keywords in the content to make it look like a more SEO friendly article. For keywords search, you can prefer using the tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. 

6. Content-Length Optimization: All your blog posts that have been published on the website should have a minimum word count of 300 words. Google prefers long form SEO content. You should not prepare so long content that can scare the readers visiting the website. 

7. Link your existing articles on your website: You have written some content on your website. Then, you can link them with other articles on your website too. The link structure is best to improve your authority on Google. Furthermore, linking content is useful to encourage more readerships on the website. Internal linking is useful in making easy navigation on the website. 

Beginner's Guide on How to Add a Link in WordPress

8. Post Content Regularly on the website: To tell Google that your website is alive, you should add posts regularly. It is the most important thing because Google will less crawl on your website. However, it can affect the rankings of your website too. You should upload informative and good-quality posts on your website to get Google’s attention positively.

These kinds of well-written articles are useful to attract and entertain the readers on your website. However, you are unable to post regular content on the website. Then, you can prepare an editorial calendar for your website. You can work accordingly publishing content. Prepare this kind of structure is useful for the team to work properly on the blog or website. 

9. Encourage the readers to comment on your content: You should encourage the readers to comment on your content posted on the website. This is useful in your writing style. The people will share their opinion on the content. You will positively take these suggestions. Then, it will help you in the end. 

10. Make a clean and easy-to-navigate website structure: Proper organization of the website and easy navigation is essential for the website On Page SEO content writing. The search engines will crawl on your websites, find the pages through the link structure, and index them after that. You have designed your website properly then it is easy for the search engines to crawl. Intuitive navigation is best for the visitors to help to find the information on the website. You should follow the three clicks rule as it says that the visitors should not click more than three times on the link to get the information. It is beneficial in the search engine optimization of the complete website. 

11. Use the primary keyword on every page of the website: Add many different keywords in the website pages to make it SEO optimized. Directly add the keywords in the URL of every page that you have created on your website. 

12. Instead of underscores (_) make the use of hyphens (-) in the website URL: You will use underscores in the URL of the website. Then, Google will read as a single word in the URL. Therefore, you can start using hyphens so that it looks like that you are using different words in your content. 

13. Make a brief and descriptive URL of the website: Just looking at your website URL, the visitor should able to know about the website is all about. You should choose to change your website URL not only for the sake of adding keywords. You have to make it easy so that the visitor can understand it. Then, it is easy to search your website online. When you are focusing on copywriting SEO on the blog then you should work on the other things too like the website URL. 

14. For every page on the website, make a sweet title tag: The use of a title tag is to describe what is the domain is about. One short sentence tells about your website online. You will appear on the social media pages and external pages. Then, the tag should be catchy and short that can grab the attention of the users. It means that you have to speak the language of the website to attract the targeted audience on your website. 

15. To do better presentations of your brand write a proper Meta description: The Meta description will appear on the SERP just below the title tag on Google. It gives a proper opportunity to summarize your content. Then, the searcher will read the description and then decide to visit the website or not. It is also an essential aspect regarding preparing an SEO friendly article. The accurate length of a Meta description should be around 150-160 characters. 

Some more tips On SEO Friendly Article

16. In all the images, add image attributes too: The search engines like Google and Binge do not read the image. It considers the image attributes. Furthermore, it helps the crawlers coming to the website to understand the meaning of the pictures. To describe the websites that you put in the content. Use the focus keywords in the image ALT attributes.

Additionally, it is a good place where you can highlight the keywords in your website content. You will get a chance to do search engine optimization using the keywords in the pictures.

SEO Content Best Practices


17. Start searching for the keywords that attract traffic on your website: Writing an SEO-optimized article is based on how you properly use the keywords in the content. You can cover the halfway of writing an SEO friendly article if you are using relevant keywords in your website content.

One of the easiest and common ways of doing keyword research is to start using the Google Keyword Planner tool. It is free to use the tool available for everyone.

You have to create a free Google Adwords Account. Then, give all the details about your website on the account. Then, start with keyword research to attract traffic to your website. Many keywords are available on the Google Keyword Planner. Therefore, your work is to search for the most relevant keyword from the list available to you.

How To Setup Your Google Ads Account

Those keywords should be low and medium-competition ones. There is a chance to rank your website on those keywords on Google. Still, it is easy to explain keywords but it is difficult to implement them while writing SEO content. To start the keyword research, the best way is to use Google Keyword Planner. 

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17. Keyword placement in anchor texts, headings, and subheadings: You should know that not every place on your website would give the same exposure of SEO power when you are using these keywords over there. Therefore, you can do the keyword placement in the headings, anchor texts, and subheadings of your website content. 

18. Publish only fresh and informative content: Nowadays, the most important trick to make SEO content is to publish fresh content on the website. Then, only the content will rank on the search engines like Google and Binge. For the search engine optimization improvement, do frequent updates in your content. This is the way to keep the content on your website fresh and informative. 

19. Give attention to the grammar and spelling errors in the content: Spelling and grammar mistakes are the most common issues that all bloggers face regularly. For SEO content best practices, you should pay special attention to it. However, Excessive grammar and spelling mistakes can negatively affect your website rankings. 

20. Post valuable and unique content on your blog: You want to have a website that will standout in-depth on the internet. Then, it is your job to research new topics and prepare valuable quality content SEO for your blog. A site that has useful and informative details will gain more exposure on Google and other search engines. 

21. Avoid publishing duplicate content on the website: The content, which is available on multiple URLs unique, is duplicate content. However, the search engines do not promote to have copied content live online. You have to keep a check on the presence of duplicate content on the website to avoid penalty issues from Google. 

Duplicate Content [SEO 2021] - Moz

22. Start building high authority backlinks: To get more exposure online, you should begin on focusing making high authority backlinks for your website. It will influence your website as a great and positive way of improving its rankings. You should invest your time in link-building SEO content strategy. Keep yourself focused while choosing, a website to get backlinks. You can do guest posting on the high authority websites and then get backlinks from them. It is among the most recommended ways to make your website and content SEO optimized and get an online presence. 

23. Avoid investing your time in the sponsored links: It is better for you as a webmaster to reach out to the authoritative blogs to get sponsored links. These kinds of links can provide real value to the SEO friendly content available on your website. You are paying money on getting sponsored links and starting spamming things. Then, these things will not help you in the future. It will create a negative impact on your website on Google. 

24. Help people and earn links from them: In the world of search engine optimization, the essential currency is the links. By sharing your valuable knowledge and insights with others to help them then you can earn links from them. Users realize that it is a feeling of gratitude to start sharing things in an exchange method. In favor of gaining more backlinks if you start, spending money then it would not help in a better way. On the other hand, you can help them then get things from them in exchange. 

25. Create the social media presence of your brand: Indeed, all the links that you get from the social media platforms are no-follow. On the other hand, to make the strong presence of your brand online then you should start building your reputation on these social media sites. The more chance is to get traffic when you have a regular presence on the social media platforms. 

Build Your Brand: How A Positive Social Media Presence Can Lead To A Career

26. Find about your competitors’ strategy for preparing SEO content: The most important rule of every business is to keep an eye on the competitors working strategy of making SEO optimized content. You should know their search engine optimization (SEO) plans.

However, you should not copy them. You can dedicate your time to creating your strategies for optimizing the content on the website. You are facing issues with your presence SEO optimization strategies then change them instantly. 

27. Keep the trending content on the website: It has mentioned earlier that you should value the people visiting your website. Keep posting the trending content for them regularly. Then, share them with your family members too. It will help them to get valuable suggestions. In this way, you can gain some natural links to provide long-term benefits of SEO content writing to your website. 

Final Words Best Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Article

You are a new blogger who has started a website recently. Then, these tips will help you to make your online presence for a long. You can treat these above tips of On Page SEO checklist that is helpful to keep your strategy relevant and effective. 

How to Create SEO-Friendly Content

Make unique content; work on its SEO optimization then comes the time to publish it on the website. You should avoid the availability of the copied content live on the website. In case, if Google finds it out then get ready to pay a hefty penalty. You will lose the trust of your readers too.

Take your time, plan the thing of SEO optimization, and then prepare the articles for the website. Initially, you will it difficult to work on the SEO part. Within time, then things will become easy for you. 

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